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High scale and High Coverage

Let us show you the power of billboards. Make a memorable and impressive visual impact to create brand awareness. We can give you huge exposure in urban cities and out delivering both mass and local targeting.

High coverage and brand experience

Cube on the road is the right media for your brand if you want to talk to consumers on the move.

Offering engagement opportunities in shopping centres

Cube retail advertising offers an opportunity to engage with your consumers at shopping centres.

Reaching the consumers on their journeys

Cube airport media put your brands in front of highest value audience. Reaching the consumers traveling for business or leisure.


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We create innovative and impactful brand experiences that connect brands with consumers

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in 2014 , at the Mahameru, three founders committed to make a change in the way people see home media and technology. They came up with ideas that combine the digital and physical worlds to ease, enrich, and connect people's experience throughout their daily activities.

Cube was formed as a leader in technology and design innovation.

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